All About The Betty Bus

Any that knows me, knows that I have an entrepreneurial spirit. I kinda grab life by the face and shoot for the stars. Well last winter I was scrolling through facebook marketplace as I often do. I happened across a cute short bus and right away I fell in love and went right on down the rabbit hole. In no time I googled every short bus use and video I could get my hands on. What really peaked my interest was how people put a ramp in the emergency exit door and loaded in their motorcycle. What!? That was it for me. I did a ton of shopping and research before landing on a commercial mechanic named Ellis that was selling some mid-size buses that were once used for headstart by the county. A better value and a better treated bus did not exist. I made it mine and quickly went to work on it’s rehab and makeover. Knowing how often I work and how little I relax, I knew The Betty Bus would need to make an income to justify. Seeing as though I already have a successful on location hair and makeup business for brides, I knew this would at the very least appeal to brides as a transport service. They often need to hire one for something as simple as taking the wedding party to the venue. Why only have the choices of a big yellow school bus or a party limo with tacky fabric and a dancer pole? Surely Betty could be a classier act to role up at a rustic barn venue. I’m happy to report that not only will Betty be for brides to transport their maids, it will also do ghost tours throughout Madison, be your go to for a brewers game day with a ton of friends, or be just the ticket for a day of antique store hopping. It’s drivers will include myself and Mr. Merritt Mapp an experienced bus driver and story teller. We will be adding more drivers as the need arises. We welcome your suggestions and invite you to Betty’s debut at the Alliant Energy center for the Wedding show. Contact Angie for booking info.